LA VOW is a Theatre Company dedicated to nurturing female artists and to the encouragement, support, and production of innovative works that explore the unique female experience while cultivating and enhancing women’s artistic, social and personal well-being. LA VOW shall provide educational, cultural and economic benefits for Louisiana.
LA VOW welcomes all volunteers and participants. Although the focus is on empowering women, in doing so men will also be empowered and are welcome and encouraged to participate in our activities.


Louisiana Voices Of Women Theatre Company (LA VOW Theatre Company) grew out of Dr. Aileen Hendricks’ life-long dream of equity in general and, in particular, in theatre for everyone. But as ECHO THEATRE in Dallas, Texas states, even though 50% of new plays submitted to theatres nationwide are written by women playwrights, only about 15% of the plays produced nationwide are by women playwrights. How can there be equity for everyone and hear women’s voices on the stage when their plays are not produced? Therefore in 2001, Dr. Hendricks began writing, directing, acting in and producing plays about and with Louisiana women with the support of the American Association of University Women and for the Women’s Council of Greater Baton Rouge’s Week-Long Celebration of Women. The name LA VOW Theatre Company was first introduced in the September 2007 production of “Everywoman,” performed at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. In February and March 2007, Kristina Webb Shapiro became LA VOW’s legal consultant and met with Anita R. White , Mary Stowe Jacob and Aileen A. Hendricks to begin to incorporate LA VOW. In 2009, Louisiana Voices of Women Theatre Company produced the play “Seven Ages of Woman,” written by Aileen Hendricks in collaboration with Elizabeth Dent. LA VOW Theatre Company was incorporated August 30, 2013 in Louisiana and notified of nonprofit status by the IRS June 30, 2014.


Dr. Aileen Hendricks – President
Anita White – Vice President
Susan Simoneaux – Treasurer
Valerie Jackson Jones – Secretary
Mary Stowe Jacob – Director